Why You Should Consider Pouring Expensive Ingredients Last In Cocktails

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Most home mixologists will add cocktail ingredients to their highball or martini glass according to what is listed in order on the recipe they’re using, per The Spruce Eats. It is then mixed or shaken as directed. But, Delish suggests otherwise. According to the website, you should pour in the most expensive ingredient (most likely the liquor) last, regardless of how it’s listed in the recipe. The reason is that if you accidentally overpour an ingredient or otherwise ruin the cocktail beyond drinkability and need to start again, you won’t be pouring your best booze down the drain. Saving it for last ensures your tipple is safe.

This method of cocktail building works best for drinks that you stir or shake before serving, like a White Russians, a Bloody Mary, or an Old Fashioned. Like any instance when you’re not sure which way is best, use your common sense. For example, a mojito is typically topped with club soda. You don’t want to top the drink with rum instead. And with those pretty layered drinks, you probably want to stick to the order of the recipe, lest your red, white, and blue Independence Day drink becomes white, red, and blue. All in all, making cocktails should be fun, from jigger-measuring to drinking the last drop, so while there are no solid rules, this method is less likely to cause tears due to wasted alcohol.

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