Why You Should Be Careful When Saucing Smoked Meat

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Too much of a good thing can quickly turn unpleasant. This advice can be applied to almost anything in life, and it rings true for saucing smoked meats. The goal of sauce should be to supplement the meat, not alter its taste entirely, so you need to be sure to apply the correct amount.

Different cuts of meat will call for differing amounts of sauce, and BBQ Champs recommends you use a light hand when applying. In general, ¾ cup of sauce (or one to two coats per slide, according to PS Seasoning) is more than enough for a slab of ribs, while dishes like pulled pork only need a few tablespoons per serving. You’ll want to be especially cautious when using sweeter sauces, which can easily overpower other flavors. And really, isn’t the unique flavor of the meat the whole reason your went through the effort of smoking to begin with?

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