Why You Really Do Need To Oil Wooden Utensils

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Obviously, you want to rub your wooden utensils with a food-grade oil. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean the olive or avocado oil you have in your pantry. These oils can go rancid, possibly souring the utensil, as The Kitchn explains. Instead, use what Food 52 calls “polymerizing oils.” These oils, like linseed and walnut, slightly harden the wood as they dry. Masterclass suggests using mineral oil or beeswax.

To properly oil your wooden utensils and cutting boards, the first step is to make sure they are clean and completely dry (via The Kitchn). Then, use a clean, soft rag to rub the oil evenly into the wood. Let it dry overnight, and the next day simply use a fresh rag to buff out any remaining oil. The Manual suggests treating and maintaining your wooden kitchen tools monthly, but it truly depends on how often they are used. If your wooden utensils feel dry and look a little thirsty, don’t wait! A simple oil rub could extend their life.

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