Why Using The Right Type Of Glass Is Important For Irish Coffee

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Irish Coffee is meant to be served hot, as the recipe is made with steaming coffee that is poured into a pre-warmed glass. Food Network suggests filling your chosen mug or glass with hot water first, then emptying it out before adding the coffee and whisky concoction. Yet the art of Irish Coffee is its simplicity. Bartender Dale DeGroff told Liquor that the perfect Irish Coffee isn’t meant to be served in massive proportions. In fact, a six-ounce glass is a perfect size to create a beverage that leaves guests wanting more. “You also don’t need a giant pour of Irish whiskey,” DeGroff added.

At The Buena Vista, Irish Coffee is served in tulip-shaped stemmed glasses that show off the establishment’s hand-whipped cream and helps bartenders build perfectly balanced drinks (via Food & Wine). Of course, most Irish Coffee drink recipes are made complete with a topping of whipped cream and a garnish of powdered nutmeg or cinnamon. Poured into the right-handled glass, you, too, will be serving up drinks worthy of Instagram updates.

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