Why It Pays To Cook Pasta Directly In The Sauce Rather Than Water

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You may already know you should be using your starchy pasta water to thicken up your sauce, but you can take that logic one step further and cook your pasta straight in the sauce, as recommended by¬†Epicurious. No waiting for water to come to a boil, no need for a separate pot or strainer, whatever sauce you were planning on cooking anyway does all that work for you and yet you are still left with perfect pasta in a hearty, smooth sauce. As an added bonus America’s Test Kitchen says that cooking your pasta in the sauce instead of just tossing it will add more flavor directly to the pasta.

There are just a few precautions you’ll want to take before you go throwing your pasta in a pot of Prego. Lifehacker warns that most jarred sauces are too thick to cook the pasta directly in, the lack of water will leave you with undercooked pasta and overly pasty sauce. It’s best to follow Martha Stewart’s lead and use a recipe specifically designed to be one-pot, but you can also make your jarred sauce a worthy medium for pasta cooking by thinning it out with some stock (via All Recipes). Combine this with all our other pasta cooking hacks and you won’t just be making the best pasta you’ve ever made, you’ll be making the easiest too.

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