Why Are Diver Scallops So Expensive?

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As you can imagine, diving and hand picking scallops has a significantly lower impact on the environment. However, it is quite a labor intensive endeavor. According to Kitchn, the tremendous effort put forth by these divers, the expertise they bring to the harvesting, and the care with which they handle the scallops is what drives up the prices of diver scallops.

Scallop meat handled by professional divers is less stressed during the harvesting processes and is almost always treated as dry rather than wet to preserve the unique freshness of the diver scallops, per Fine Dining Lovers. These combined factors of exquisitely tasteful meat, very careful handling, and the environmentally friendly practices make for one expensive bit of shellfish. They’re even hard to find at any restaurants. In fact,┬áless than 1% of scallops caught are diver scallops.┬áSo, if you ever see them on a menu, take full advantage.

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