Why Alton Brown Bakes Some Foods On An Upside Down Sheet Pan

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In a “Quarantine Quitchen” episode, Alton Brown revealed he turns his sheet pan upside down when making a tomato tart. Why, you ask? Because once it is put together, it is easier to slide the tart onto the back. This helps the doughy, uncooked tart avoid hitting the sheet pan’s sides, which can mess it up. Brown also uses this trick when he makes Lavash, according to his website, to prevent the flatbread from sliding. But that’s not the only reason to consider looking at your sheet pan differently.

The Washington Post explains this is also true for when you make pizza. Additionally, cookbook author Julia Usher told The Patch flipping a sheet pan upside can help ensure some of your favorite cookies don’t burn. Usher told the publication, “The metal sides act as a heat conductor, and those cookies placed close to the edge can overbake because they bake faster than those placed in the middle of the baking sheet.” Usher went on to explain the solution, saying, “Baking on the bottom of the pan can help prevent this from happening.”

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