What The Tiny Plastic Table In Your Pizza Box Actually Does

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In her 1983 application for a patent, Carmela Vitale brought a common pizza world crisis to light (per Eater). Everyone knows that pizzerias use carton boxes to deliver their pies to hungry customers. Of course, these packages are cost-effective. However, because ready-to-deliver pizzas are pipping hot, their steam can cause their carton box to collapse. This means that your pizza sticks to the package, which, as you can imagine, causes your meatball-topped pie to get half-stuck to your box’s lid.

And Vitale, who Eater notes was just an average mother making her way through life, took it upon herself to solve this harrowing pizza delivery issue. That’s when the package saver (most commonly referred to as a pizza saver) was invented. This little piece of plastic was designed to keep your pizza (or cake) safe from its drooping box. As Snopes reports, by setting this small plastic table on top of (not by squishing it down into) the center of a fresh-out-of-the-oven pizza, the package saver protects your pie from an unfortunate squished fate.

Vitale’s invention was approved for a patent in 1985, and ever since, it’s become a must-have for pizzerias in Brooklyn and beyond who want to guarantee this delicious fast food treat makes its way from their restaurants to their customers’ mouths safe and sound.

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