What Kind Of Fish Is Used To Make Fish Sauce?

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In order to make fish sauce, fish, preferably with high oil contents, are first caught and then coated in salts to enhance their flavors. Once suitably covered they are all placed with some water in a large barrel and allowed to ferment anywhere between several months to several years, per The Spruce Eats. Sometimes extra ingredients, such as sugars are added, but it’s not necessary.

Once fish are settled in a barrel, the liquid that is pressed from these barrels is fish sauce. Although it’s not always just fish in the barrels, shrimp and krill are also commonly used, along with Mackerel for their intense fishy flavors. But the most popularly used fish due to its ease of access, its high-fat content, and funky flavors is by far the anchovy. They’re smaller and ferment quickly and deliciously, and are usually what you’ll read on a bottle of fish sauce.

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