What It Means To ‘Mr. Potato Head’ A Cocktail

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First and foremost, when you Mr. Potato Head a cocktail, it doesn’t involve adding spuds to your drink. Mr. Potato Head, the toy conceived by creator George Lerner in 1949, according to Thought Co, includes a bunch of plastic body parts that can interchangeably be stuck into a vaguely potato-shaped body to create a silly look. Expert bartender, Phil Ward told Australian Bartender how this Mr. Potato Head approach works for cocktails, saying, “My theory is that every template of a good drink is a blueprint for other good drinks so you just take it apart and put it back together.”

Keep Calm and Cocktail explains the Mr. Potato Head approach can work in a couple of ways, first by swapping out one brand of spirit for another. If you don’t have Grey Goose on hand, you can swap out any unflavored vodka and achieve much the same results. But you can also swap out spirits or ingredients with similar flavor profiles, like switching triple sec for Gran Marnier. While your finished cocktail won’t always taste exactly like the original, you may discover you’ve created a variation you like even better.

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