The To-Go Coffee Tip You Should Consider

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According to Delish, when you order your coffee, ask for it in a cup one size larger than you are ordering. For example, they note that if you are getting a tall iced coffee drink at Starbucks, ask that it be put in a grande cup. Why? Those pesky speed bumps that come out of seemingly nowhere can be a real hazard for your to-go coffee cup. They can cause splashing and loss of coffee. No one needs that. Delish explains that a little bit of extra room in the cup can help prevent spillage when you roll over them.

A Spokane, Washington news station also recommends this sizing up hack. The news site also suggests that if you are one of those people who love their half-and-half and may add a bit too much, a larger cup can be beneficial to you, as well. Both sources note that when you order your coffee in this manner, you often get a little more coffee than normal, and extra caffeine to help you accomplish your day’s work is always appreciated.

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