The Safest Cutting Method For Sectioning Fruit

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There’s got to be an easier way to remove the white pith when cutting out segments of citrus fruit. With the usual requirement of a super sharp knife, the way you hold the fruit and the knife is very important, as getting this wrong could increase the risk of cutting yourself. According to Better Homes & Gardens, the best way to cut segments from citrus fruit is to start by peeling the fruit, removing as much of the white pith as possible so that you mostly see flesh and the membranes, cutting between the two as close to each membrane as possible and pushing inward to get close to the core. From there, you’ll want to turn the knife and cut along the membrane on the other side, cutting outward to extract the wedge. You’ll want to repeat this method with the remainder of the fruit.┬áIt’s important to do this over a bowl so that any extra juice is caught and saved. For a more visual option, check out this video by Serious Eats on how to cut citrus segments.

This method will not only help you to get thicker slices from each segment, but it will also reduce the waste of all that precious juice that gets away, making the absolute most of the fruit.

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