The Potential Downside To Drinking Sweet Cocktails

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The next time you go to mix up your favorite cocktail, keep in mind how sweet you’re making it. According to Delish, sweeter drinks are an easy palate-pleaser, but they can easily lose their complexity. The site notes that the sweeter the drink, the more likely the subtler flavors get lost in the mix. A good cocktail should balance sweetness and its tart (or other underlying) components equally.

The golden ratio in bartending seems to be 2:1:1, meaning two parts alcohol, 1 part sweet, and one part sour, per Cocktail Mavenaz. But don’t fear — if you shake up a cocktail that’s just a little too sweet, there is a simple solution. According to Thrillist, all you have to do to re-balance an overly syrupy drink is add a few dashes of bitters.

However, at the end of the day, we know everyone has different preferences. If you prefer your nightcap dessert-sweet, mix away — just prepare yourself for the inevitable sugar crash. 

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