The Ocean Delicacy You Should Know

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According to the Michelin Guide, the first recorded documentation of sea cucumber consumption was during China’s Ming dynasty. It was called “sea ginseng” and was thought to be incredibly healthy, similar to the land-grown plant cucumber (via Michelin Guide). According to the Michelin Guide, there are three primary types of sea cucumber that are consumed: the prickly sea cucumber (the most expensive kind), the bald sea cucumber, and the white teat sea cucumber, which has white dots on its skin.

Dried sea cucumber needs to be soaked and restored in water, for up to two days, and should avoid contact with any oil (via Sin Ocean PTE). Before you cook them, you’ll have to clean them by removing the outer skin, which will allow them to fully soak. Then, you can boil them for about 20 minutes (per Sin Ocean PTE). Afterward, be sure to remove interior organs, and if the sea cucumber is still hard, just keep boiling it until it is soft.

Sea cucumbers are mild in taste, so they are best paired with stronger flavors. They can be braised, added to porridges, soups, or even served in cold salads.

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