The Light And Crispy French Cookies Inspired By Gold Coins

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Though you might logically suspect that the Florentine might have originated in a bakery located in Florence, Italy, that is not the case, though Italy may have inspired the cookie in some way. According to Dalo Florentines, the Florentine cookie recipe first appeared in print during the mid-17th century, though it did not resemble the lacy cookies we enjoy today. When we order a Florentine cookie in the 21st century, we expect a brittle cookie decorated with chocolate. It is believed that the Florentines we recognize now were invented in France. 

So, where did the Florentine name come from? Dalo Florentines believes that they might have been named after Florence’s gold coins, which were used as currency throughout Europe for nearly 500 years. Taste Atlas claims that though the exact story of the cookie’s creation is lost to history, they have lived on in European homes as a favorite holiday treat made with nuts, sugar, honey, candied fruit, and butter  — plus everyone’s favorite sweet, chocolate! These treats are famously good for dunking into various warm holiday drinks or making Florentine cookie sandwiches with eggnog icing.

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