The Chicago Restaurant Stephanie Izard Always Comes Back For

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It can be difficult for even a culinary insider with eyes and ears on the ground to keep track of all the new restaurants opening in Chicago. “It’s hard to keep up with. [In the] Fulton Market area alone, over by where all of the restaurants are, it’s crazy how many things have opened,” Izard told Tasting Table. There’s one restaurant, however, that Izard seldom misses when she’s back home.

“I’m most proud of my old sous chef, Joe Flamm, and his restaurant, Rose Mary,” Izard dished. “Honestly, I eat there almost every time that I’m back in Chicago — not every time, but I eat there probably once a month because it’s super tasty.”

Izard recommends the restaurant’s “yummy clam vitello tonnato with a raw tuna,” but it’s the overall atmosphere that the chef is most taken with. “I’m inspired by his passion for his new restaurant and how we’ve always had a lot of fun together,” Izard explained. “The vibe of his restaurant is so similar to the vibe of Girl & The Goat. It’s fun to see.”

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