Starbucks’ Newest South Korean Store Is Located In A Traditional Hanok

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Designboom reports that the latest addition to this impressive roster will be based on a traditional Korean Hanok. Antique Alive calls this style of home “a place of subtle beauty and quiet dignity.” Hanok is defined by the use of Ondol and Maru which are heating and cooling elements used to moderate the home’s temperature throughout the year. It is also known for its use of natural materials, and open design which invokes a communal relationship with the natural world.

Designboom adds that the new location will be based in Daegu, on the Southern end of the peninsula. It will be housed in a 100-year-old timber Hanok and will maintain many of its classical design elements. The 7,000-square-foot space will seat about 120 customers and will maintain the traditional design elements that open the interior to the natural beauty of the garden. It also features custom sound system units from Bang & Olufsen. The two companies are also planning a series of events to commemorate the opening of this new, historic space that will seamlessly blend the traditional with the modern.

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