Shake Shack Is Taking On Fine Dining With Pujol’s Chef Enrique Olvera

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Olvera is bringing inspiration from his homeland to Shake Shack’s classic menu, like a burger topped with mayo made with chicatana ants. Chicatanas, flying ants that appear in Mexico after the first rains in spring, are packed with protein and deliver an earthy, savory taste to dishes, notes Specialty Produce. “The Ant Burger” will be the second course of the meal and is also topped with Monterey Jack cheese, smoked tomato, and shredded lettuce. It will be served alongside sweet potato fries with Guacachile salsa, which is typically made with serrano chiles, onions, garlic, lime juice, oil, and salt, per Taste Atlas

In addition to the novelty burger, guests will be treated to corn and potato tamal topped with broccoli cream and mustard greens for the first course. For dessert, guests will enjoy a vanilla frozen custard that has been hand spun with corn cream and topped with husk meringue. Patrons can enjoy Shackmeister Michelada and a selection of Shack wine and beer alongside their meals. 

The three-course meal will be served at the West Village Shack in New York on November 10 and the Santa Monica Shack in Los Angeles on November 15. Tickets for the New York and Los Angeles dinners go on sale on October 24. With only three seatings per city, we suggest booking fast.

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