McDonald’s Is Teasing The End Of The McRib With A ‘Farewell Tour’

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The McDonald’s website teases the end of the McRib’s run, stating that this is the “McRib Farewell Tour.” The site states that the sandwich will only be available at limited locations through November 20, and customers should be prepared to say goodbye. The McRib, which is comprised of a boneless pork patty on a homestyle bun, slathered in McRib sauce, and topped with pickles and onions, is so popular among fans that there is even a McRib Locator website, dedicated to finding which McDonald’s locations are serving the sandwich.

Customers can order the sandwich on the McDonald’s app for pickup or delivery to guarantee one last McRib meal before it leaves the menu. If you can’t get to McDonald’s to grab the sandwich before it disappears, don’t lose hope — the McRib could come back if McDonald’s continues their rereleasing trend, you may just have to wait a few more years before you can order it again.

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