Is It Worth Investing In A Stand Mixer?

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The biggest draw of owning a stand mixer is its sheer power. You might have a bulletproof will, but your manual whisking ability (and even the power of an electric hand mixer) can’t come close to the kinetic force of a stand mixer. Their high power can even cream butter at 65 degrees Fahrenheit, says Serious Eats, a physical task beyond even professional cooks. Working ingredients at a lower temperature makes for an evenly aerated, voluminous product, which is often essential for baking certain items.

Another appeal is versatility. According to The Takeout, most stand mixer models have an array of separately-sold attachments that will transform your appliance into an all-purpose tool that can spiralize fruits and veggies, cut pasta, churn ice cream, grind meat, mill spices and grains, and make juice. (Not to mention, the average lifespan of the appliance is 25 to 35 years.)

If you own an electric hand mixer and use it constantly, it might be a good idea to consider upgrading to a stand mixer. But, if you’ve gotten by this long without a hand mixer, there might be a reason why. If you don’t bake often, or if you typically only make small batches of treats, investing in a hefty stand mixer might not be necessary. To save yourself from a potentially wasteful investment, Bon Appétit recommends buying a hand mixer first and seeing how often you use it before making such a large purchase.

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