Giada De Laurentiis’ Fall Potato Salad Is Nothing Like The Picnic Classic

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Giada’s innovative potato salad recipe (via Giazdy) is the opposite of boring, and here’s why: According to Kinfolk, every dish needs salt, fat, acid, and heat in order to have a balanced flavor and texture. Salting food enhances its natural flavor, adding fat elevates its taste, and incorporating acid will brighten and balance the savor, while heat will get you the ultimate texture you’re looking for.

In this dish, the potatoes are crisped in the oven, giving them the role of the crunchy component. From there, olive oil and gorgonzola cheese act as the fat, adding tremendous flavor, and orange segments and champagne vinegar act as the acid, balancing and brightening the taste of the dish. Salt is added to recognize and enjoy all the contributing players in each bite. Finally, arugula adds vibrant color, a slight peppery taste, and a nutritious boost to this starchy side. Next time you’re contemplating a potato salad, don’t be afraid to get creative with fresh produce and herbs as they will act as a positive add-in to such a beloved dish.

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