Fig Baked Brie Recipe

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Begin by gathering together the ingredients for this sweet and savory dish. You’ll need a wheel of mild Brie cheese (about 1 pound), extra-virgin olive oil, honey, 4 small figs, and¬†some pecans. If you’d like, you can also add some fresh thyme at the end as a garnish.

Olayinka highlights the delightful qualities of figs, explaining that “they add a unique sweetness to the dish that really enhances the flavors of the Brie and honey.” While she is all for experimentation, this particular recipe is all about making the figs the star ingredient. However, she suggests testing out different styles of cheese, such as tangy goat or pungent blue. Or, she points out that trying various types of honey, syrup, or jam can dramatically transform the dish.¬†Finally, adding some sweet, warming spices is another surefire way to switch up the flavor profile.

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