Can You Substitute All-Purpose Flour For Bread Flour In Recipes?

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Before we tell you if you can switch out these flour or not, it is important to understand exactly what all-purpose flour is. According to Bakerpedia, all-purpose is exactly what it sounds like. It can be used for bread, cakes, muffins, scones, and even pizza and is usually ground from a blend of hard and soft wheat.

Epicurious says that all-purpose flour can range in protein from 9%-12% which falls right under or at the cusp of the protein range for bread flour. The limited amount of protein in all-purpose compared to bread flour won’t make or break your bake. Instead, there just won’t be as strong gluten stands in the dough and it will turn out a bit softer than bread using bread flour would. Bob’s Red Mill fully supports you switching out your bread flour for all-purpose if need be, and you’ll still have a great-tasting bake at the end of the day!

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