Can You Actually Clean Your Coffee Carafe With Salt Water And Ice?

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According to Morton Salt, if you pour some crushed ice and salt into a room temperature coffee carafe, along with a little water, and “swirl” it around, you will find those nasty looking coffee stains going bye-bye. Kitchn decided to put this trick to the test to see if it worked on a glass carafe; However, the food site’s results were less than stellar. The tester was rather disappointed because success was not in the cards and the stains persisted, despite giving it the old college try. That said, Tips Bulletin suggests the addition of lemon juice to the ice and salt makes all the difference for getting rid of those pesky coffee stains.

Still, if you want to skip this savory cleaning method all together, according to Martha Stewart, nothing does the job of cleaning your coffee carafe like baking soda. The domestic guru recommends using baking soda and some water to create a paste that you can use to “scour” those coffee stains on the glass carafe. The site then notes you want to rinse it with warm water to remove all the baking soda paste residue before placing it in the dishwasher for a “complete” cleaning.

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