Ben & Jerry’s Go-To Manufacturer For Its Iconic Cookie Dough Chunks

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Lind approached Ted Castle, who was running Chessy’s Frozen Custard in Vermont, to help him figure out how to create a cookie dough that could end up in a tempting ice cream flavor and remain gooey like raw cookie dough (via Rhino Foods). If you didn’t already guess, they totally nailed it, and since 1991 says Ben & Jerry’s, Castle has been providing Ben & Jerry’s and others with cookie dough. Castle and his team have become industry leaders, sending out bulk shipments of ready-to-eat cookie dough to ice cream shops and restaurants. 

Just like Ben & Jerry’s, Rhino Foods is a certified B Corporation, a designation for businesses seeking to use business as a force for good. Supporting hundreds of employees, Castle has been recognized for his ethical business practices and has been honored by the Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility for the programs he’s created, including wellness efforts and financial assistance for team members in need, reports Vermont Biz.

The next time you dig into a pint of your favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor, you can feel good knowing you’re supporting businesses that care.

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