9 Things To Know About The New Starbucks Empire State Building Reserve Store

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In addition to the Starbucks Reserve microblends, this venue is the only place you can currently get Starbucks’ patented, new cold-pressed espresso, which compresses 20 hours of cold brew time into about 45 minutes to an hour of low-pressure, cold-water joy. Its flavor is rich and smooth, and this is anecdotal evidence, but it seems less inclined to burn those of us predisposed to acid reflux when we drink a lot of coffee. With more and more cold-brew orders each year, Starbucks will be able to meet the demand in any format.

Coffee nerds will keep coming back, as the location makes a pocket-sized “passport” available where enthusiast can document their tasting notes by blend and brew method. It includes the four-step Starbucks guide to experiencing coffee: smell, slurp, locate (i.e. where the flavor hits your tongue), and describe. This is a process employees practice at every level, from barista to c-suite, and invites visitors to experience the Starbucks corporate culture.

To that end, you can book Starbucks experiences like tasting flights, “Brewtender for a Day” coffee-making workshops, and more. You’ll walk We can heartily recommend a visit to the Innovation Bar to try the cold-pressed espresso cocktails, whose impossibly functional flavors include the Iced Apple Americano and a Malted Milkshake with Black Lemon. Before you scoff at the combination, Kremlin Tour reveals Russia’s seen lemon as a fine coffee additive for ages, and what do you know? It works.

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