19 Places To Order A Thanksgiving Feast Straight To Your Door For 2022

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Omaha Steaks has a long and rich history, stretching over a hundred years and beginning in 1917 as the Table Supply Meat Company in Omaha, Nebraska. The company became Omaha Steaks in 1966 and has proudly sold cross-country steaks since 1942.

With several options on the table, they all offer at least one meat with sides, bread, and sweets. For $199.99, the Thanksgiving Turkey Feast includes a whole smoked turkey fit to feed eight. This package also comes with green bean casseroles, stuffed and baked potatoes, baguettes with garlic butter, and even a dessert of caramel apple tartlets. The Homestyle Ham & Turkey Dinner for $179.99 includes a turkey roulade en croute with turkey breast and stuffing with cherry, all wrapped in a delicious pastry. You’ll also enjoy ham, green bean casserole, garlic mashed potatoes, baguettes, caramel apple tartlets, and a pumpkin pie. For a simpler meal, check out the Cozy Traditional Thanksgiving of turkey, broccoli and cauliflower gratin, green beans covered in butter sauce, mashed potatoes, baguettes, and pumpkin pie, all for $174.99. Finally, if your family prefers ham, the Thanksgiving Ham Feast for $169.99 may be more your style. It includes a spiral-cut ham, all sides and desserts in the Cozy Traditional Thanksgiving, and a pecan pie.

If none of these suits your family, consider ordering a Custom Thanksgiving Feast for $129.99. You’ll get to enjoy a centerpiece, potatoes, sides, dessert, and bread. The food will come right to your door ready to heat and eat.

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