11 Cocktails You Should Batch-Make For Thanksgiving

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When tequila cocktails come to mind, the Margarita is likely the first thought. But, the Paloma cocktail is an unsung hero, and anyone who tries one will most certainly be conflicted as to which tequila drink is better. The history of the Paloma is uncertain. The drink is said to be first published in Evan Harrison’s “Popular Cocktail of the Rio Grande” in 1953, per Alcademics. This is a widely contended theory, however. 

What is definite is that a classic Paloma is made with your preferred tequila, lime juice, and simple syrup, and is topped with grapefruit soda, such as Squirt or Jarrito’s. The Paloma is straightforward, is a breeze to mix, and has a simple formula that can be altered to introduce different flavors. Despite containing fresh lime juice, the cocktail does not require any shaking and can easily be built inside the glass it is served in, or, in this case, inside the bottle.

As is the case with most of the cocktails on this list, the amounts of each ingredient should be measured precisely and adjusted to taste in order to get the ratios right. The normal Paloma contains two ounces of tequila, about one ounce of lime juice, an equal amount of simple syrup, and a topping of grapefruit soda. If you cannot find grapefruit soda, however, pressing fresh grapefruit juice with club soda works just as well.

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