Why You Should Use Cold Fish To Make Poke

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There are so many tips and tricks out there for slicing fish, such as using a smooth motion, wiping the blade of the knife after each fish slice, and angling your blade differently depending on which kind of fish you’re slicing, per Made In Cookware. But as Food & Wine suggests, make sure the fish is cold beforehand because it’ll be way easier to slice (the fish should also remain in the fridge until it’s slicing time). Granted, it’s probably best not to slice frozen fish because it’ll be too “hard and dense,” according to Leaf.TV. In this case, you’ll want to thaw it via overnight refrigeration.

After the cold fish has been sliced, you can mix it with an easy marinade of your choice to make a delicious poke bowl, then refrigerate it for about a quarter of an hour (make sure to keep the fish covered too). If you’re not going to marinate or season the fish right away, it’s still best to stick it in the fridge for the time being (covered, of course).

So next time you’re making a┬ápoke bowl, make sure that the fish is cold (but not frozen) to make the slicing process a breeze.

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