Why You Should Start Adding Figs To Your Cranberry Sauce

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Ripe figs have sticky liquid that oozes out, and the taste is very sweet, often compared to the flavor of honey, with a fresh, berry-like flavor (via NPR).

There are many varieties of figs, but one of the best ones to cook with are mission figs. NPR writes, “The velvety, edible skin of the mission fig is a deep purple color … The flesh is dark pink with a hint of dusty brown. Its intensely jammy flavor is balanced by soft, fruity acidity, preventing the sweetness from turning to pure candy.” 

Many cranberry sauce recipes include this fig, but dried. In the Kitchn‘s recipe, they outline three easy steps that — in under 40 minutes — will change your sauce recipe forever. Adding chopped dried figs will add a unique texture and perfect sweetness to the dish. Try this method out to transform your traditional side dish into a show-stopping holiday staple.

Bon Appétit is also a fan of adding figs to cranberry sauce, telling readers, “Figs bring a touch of sweetness to this bright, chutney-ish cranberry sauce and nicely offset the sharpness of the vinegar.”

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