Why Bob Evans Just Recalled Over 7,500 Pounds Of Sausage

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In the case of the Bob Evans recall, rubber is the culprit. According to the FSIS, Bob Evans logged complaints about bits of “thin blue rubber” being found in its Italian pork sausage, thus necessitating the product recall.

If you believe you may have purchased one of the packages of Bob Evans sausage affected by this recall, there are several easy ways to find out. The FSIS reports that all of the recalled products have the same use-by date (November 26, 2022), the same lot number (XEN3663466), and the same establishment number (Est. 6785). If you find this product in your home, the FSIS recommends tossing it in the trash or taking it back to the store where you bought it.

This is one of several large meat-based recalls that have occurred in recent months. Nearly 120,000 pounds of P.F. Chang’s home menu beef and broccoli were recalled in August, as were over 13,000 pounds of Chicago’s premium sausage classic pizza from Home Run Inn. The frozen sausage pizza recall, like the recent Bob Evans recall, was caused by foreign object contamination, notes the FSIS.

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