What Type Of Wine Pairs Best With Burrata?

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Light rosé pairs well with delicate burrata, says Wisconson Cheese. Rosé has notably fruity flavors like berries and melon, writes In Good Taste but can range anywhere from sweet to dry. Rosé is not the same across vineyards however because rosé is not made from pink grapes, writes VinePair. Instead, red grapes are juiced and macerated with the skins. Red grape skin is soaked in the clear juice of the grape absorbing its color and winemakers strain the juice when the color they desire is achieved. That being said, rosé differs from region to region and grape variety.

Provence France is the leader in rosé production, reports Wine Economist, and Provence rosé can be described as having flavors of strawberry and rose, continues In Good Taste. The Provence-style rosé is also dryer. 

Look for Provence rosé with “notes of orchard fruit, peach, and berries, with subtle floral aromas and a crisp finish,” suggests Capretti.

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