The Sweet Potatoes So Hot They’re Served With Ice Water

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Once you’ve managed to perfect the intricacies of basi digua (or if you’ve managed the art of ordering this at a restaurant), simply take some chopsticks, grab a piece of candied sweet potato, and pull it away from its family. Marvel in the long sugary strings, but not for too long, because that sweet potato piece needs to be dunked into a bowl of ice water, per Strictly Dumpling.

If you skip this step and eat the sweet potato as is, you’ll most likely burn your mouth. As Atlas Obscura explains, the potato and the sugar are very hot and the ice water helps to cool them down to a consumable temperature. The second benefit of this involves the hardening of the outside of the sweet potato. Strictly Dumpling calls this an “awesome crunchy outer shell” which aids in the textural contrast aspect of basi digua.

So all of this aside, how does it taste? There is, of course, that crunch from the outside mixed with the tenderness of the inside, which is enhanced by the sweetness of the sugar and sweet potato combination (which pair quite well together). One might expect much more complexity because of the stunning presentation, but each bite is actually quite simple, sweet, and humble, which, at the end of the day, are what “pull-silk” sweet potatoes are all about.

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