The Part Of Your Kitchen You Should Probably Start Cleaning More

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While you might be meticulous about cleaning your stovetop and wiping down the oven after each use, according to The Kitchn, the hood or fan vent above your stove is a grease and food splatter magnet. All the lovely sauces you make, the grease from the chicken and bacon you fry, and the pork and fish you might sear somehow finds their way to the panels of your hood vent. Epicurious explains that the hood is to help keep that air above your stove smoke-free, and in so doing, it often pulls up all the other particles, including grease, into the filter. Without regular cleaning, the panels can wind up being a greasy dusty mess. The Kitchn warns that you could end up starting a kitchen fire.

But don’t panic. Epicurious shares that there is an easy solution, and it’s not the dishwasher. In fact, the food site recommends not using this small appliance for the job. Instead, it suggests simply removing the filter panels (which pop right out) and place them in a sink of water that is hot and full of soap. The Kitchn states from here, you need to scrub and rinse. Once you’ve cleaned the filter, let it air dry before popping it back into place. However, if you still find the filters greasy after washing, Epicurious states that you can spray the filters with a degreaser and wipe them down.

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