The New World Record For The Largest Serving Of Guacamole

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It took three hours for a group of men and women in the Mexican municipality of Peribán in the state of Michoacán to make the giant bowl of guacamole, reports Mexico News Daily. Their hard work resulted in a batch of guacamole that weighed 4,970 kilograms or nearly 5.5 tons, a total that blew by the previous record set by the city of Tancítaro in the Mexican state of Michoacán in 2018 by more than 1 ton. Not only did the city set a new world record, but the November 20 event at Peribán’s inaugural Avocado Expo also helped promote the region’s avocados. 

In addition to literal tons of avocados, the guacamole makers balanced the dip with onions, tomatoes, serrano peppers, limes, and cilantro. And don’t worry, the record-setting guacamole didn’t go to waste. After the production was all done, people attending the expo were able to enjoy it. The report didn’t say how many tortilla chips were used for dipping in the guacamole, but we imagine it was a lot.

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