The Midwest’s Popular Portesi Cheese Fries Aren’t Actually Fries

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According to Portesi, their iconic cheese fries start with a “thin or rising dough crust” that is topped with garlic butter, spices, and mozzarella. The baked dough can then be sliced into large rectangular pieces, which may be eaten on its own or dipped into the provided marinara sauce. In short, the sliced rectangles look like a version of cheesy fries!

As The Takeout explains, the flavors of Portesi Cheese Fries are nostalgic, and biting into a slice brings back childhood memories. But for those who aren’t familiar with the “fries”, they’ll probably relish in the gooey cheese, savory garlic butter, and flavorful crust. And as the source notes, don’t skimp out on the marinara sauce because it adds an element of acidity that cuts through the rich cheesy flavors.

You can also choose between thin crust or “hi-rise” crust, though the latter is only available in a 12-inch size. Thin crust is, of course, thin and crunchy, while “hi-rise” is described as “hefty, stomach patting,” with implications that it’s much thicker, per Portesi.

The Midwest is known for a whole lot of food staples, and Portesi Cheese Fries is one of them. They may look like regular ol’ cheese pizzas and have the eating mechanism of French fries, but the best part is they’re all about nostalgia and an eating experience that brings people together.

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