The Mexican Herb You Should Be Adding To Beans

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Before better antiparasitic medication was developed, epazote was grown in large quantities in the U.S. As a result, the plant is more ubiquitous in garden settings than many realize. The seeds are easy to procure, and epazote integrates well with other plants. Since epazote draws wasps and flies, it can protect more delicate neighbors. Epazote flourishes in diverse soils, only requiring some sun to thrive. It easily dries for later use and can be stored in an air-tight container for long periods. As a result, to those with a home garden, growing it is the best way to get it into the kitchen, per Gardener’s Path

For purchase, look for epazote at local international grocery stores, where it may be found in fresh form and frequently in a dried state, explains SBS. Dried epazote can also be purchased online. The raw plant is also becoming increasingly popular at farmers markets and local grocers. Don’t hesitate to buy a bundle — it’ll add a delectable earthy note to beans and other Mexican dishes.

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