The Key To A Perfectly Balanced Margarita

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When you take a sip of a well-balanced margarita, you can really taste the difference. Oftentimes people add too much mixer, which makes your drink too syrupy, or they add too much tequila, which can make your casual girls’ night out suddenly feel like a frat party. America’s Test Kitchen suggests that for perfectly balanced margaritas, you must portion out everything equally. In order to have the right amount of citrus flavor, the site recommends making your own sour mix using the juice and zest of limes and lemons, sugar, and salt. From there, pour equal parts of the sour mix, triple sec, and tequila into your mixer, shake with ice, and enjoy. This trick will ensure a well-balanced drink.

Serious Eats also advises that if you really want your margaritas to become the talk of the town, don’t skimp on the ingredients. Since a margarita only has a few components, each one should be high-quality. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed by the number of choices in the tequila aisle, we have a list of the best tequilas for margaritas. The citrus that you use is also important, the fresher your limes and lemons are, the more vibrant your margaritas are going to taste. And last but not least, don’t forget to salt the rim of your glass.

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