The Cruise Line That Will Deliver You Caviar Platters At No Extra Cost

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Each passenger, regardless of which type of room they book, receives a luxury, all-inclusive experience that includes a personal butler, various restaurants to enjoy onboard, room service, unlimited beverages, and free sustainably sourced caviar on request, according to Silversea. Silversea also offers guests a “door-to-door service,” which provides airline flights, airport transfers, and other travel-related services as part of the cruise price. The seemingly unlimited caviar isn’t just any caviar, though.

Ars Italica caviar is what’s served on Silversea voyages, both in the dining rooms and for room service, per Silversea. Guests can request the caviar by the tin or as a garnish or accompaniment to dinner entrees, such as lobster and tartare.¬†One of the biggest caviar producers, Ars Italica, sustainably farms sturgeon in northern Italy and helps raise the fish’s population. Silversea also offers other luxurious dining options, including tiger prawns, foie gras, truffle, and macarons. The complimentary caviar offering seems to be enjoyed highly by passengers, with guests eating an average of 2,400 kilograms of caviar yearly onboard.

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