The Braised Lamb Dish That’s A Montenegro Classic

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Brav u Mlijeku, also known as lamb in milk, can be found in the northern parts of Montenegro. According to Trafalgar, lamb is combined with root vegetables, spices, herbs, and milk, and then braised in a sac. A sac kind of looks like a paella pan, though Turkish Style Cooking describes it as a “thin sheet metal pan.” The thinness of the pan allows for outside heat to be quickly distributed throughout the food, so dishes like lamb in milk can braise in no time at all. Coals are typically used, but as Balkan Recipes notes, you can also use a Dutch oven on the stove.

Aesthetically, lamb in milk looks like pot roast, but with a snowy white, milky broth. Carrots and potatoes typically accompany the lamb, and the milk broth is lightly flavored with salt, pepper, parsley, garlic, fennel seeds, and rosemary. If you really want to pay homage to Montenegro, soak up some of the broth with bread or cleanse your palate with a side of sopska salad, per International Cuisine. Of course, the lamb itself has a melt-in-your-mouth quality that gives other meat stews a run for their money.

But what makes Brav u Mlijeku special? Is it the lamb, milk, spices, sac, or cooking method? It’s certainly all of the above, but overall, it provides the same hug of comfort that Montenegrin cuisine is best known for.

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