The Big Downside To Using Metal Tea Infusers

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Many teapots, whether made out of a light and clear glass material or a sturdier and heavier cast iron, can feature stainless steel infusers. Tea strainers are also often made out of metal. However, according to Red Blossom Blog, the metal can affect the way some delicate teas taste, and can even change the way it smells (via Tea Masters Blog).

Another con of using metal tea strainers is that they stain easily from the tea. This is because of molecules theanine and theophylline that are often found in tea. While these polyphenols are good for our nervous system, calming our bodies and reducing stress, they are also the culprit behind the stains on your metal tea infusers and strainers due to their electro-charged nature (via¬†Tea How). Even if you don’t notice the metal’s impact on the taste of your tea, the unsightly stains may be bothersome. If that’s the case, to clean your metal tea infuser, just take some white vinegar and soak your infuser for up to four hours (or even overnight in severe cases), and then rinse well before using it to steep tea leaves again.

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