The Beginner’s Guide To Willamette Valley Wines

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Though pinot noir reigns as the region’s red variety, a range of white grapes thrive in the cool climate of the Pacific Northwest. Selections include well-known international varieties like chardonnay, riesling, gewurztraminer, and pinot gris, and the more obscure ones like auxerrios, tocai friulano, and gruner veltliner.

Fifty years ago, Hyland Vineyards in McMinnville planted gewurztraminer. Today, these old vines still produce highly concentrated, nicely structured, aromatic white wines with character. The wine uses only stainless steel in production, revealing clean, fresh, full-bodied flavors of Meyer lemon and tropical papaya with soft herbs of mint and tarragon.

Muller-thurgau, a German variety, can lack excitement and energy, according to Wine Folly. However, when treated accordingly and with quality in mind, it produces vibrant, lively wines with fruit-forward flavors and a bright, balanced palate, as displayed in Sokol Blosser muller-thurgau. The wine shows a mineral-rich core with soft herbal notes, tropical lychee fruit, and fresh citrus. 

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