The Arabic Meatball Soup That’s Made For Holiday Celebrations

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If you haven’t explored the wide world of Middle Eastern soups, there’s so much to discover, from the Lebanese lentil soup sorbet adas (via Foodaciously) to the Moroccan chickpea soup harira. And if you’re looking for a festive option, you can check out shurabet el Eid, a comforting meatball soup whose name translates to “holiday soup.” Typically served on Easter or Christmas, according to The Wall Street Journal, the traditional version of the soup includes baked lamb or beef meatballs, rice, kubbeh (also spelled kibbe), deep-fried ground meat, and bulgur croquettes.

For a simpler, weeknight version, a Serious Eats recipe omits the labor-intensive kubbeh, adding only the rice and small oven-baked meatballs, which are simmered in a cinnamon- and allspice-scented chicken broth. Served with a garnish of fresh parsley, the homey soup is also traditionally offered to postpartum women to help them regain strength after birth, or to those suffering from a head cold — so don’t think you have to save the dish for Easter of Christmas if either of those situations applies to you.

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