The Absolute Best Uses For Your Mandoline Slicer

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Most of us think of potatoes as a humble ingredient. Mashed potatoesIrish potato cakes, and potato salad are homely and comforting. Conversely, French potato dishes are sophisticated, rich, buttery, and indulgent. Often made from very finely sliced potatoes cooked with copious amounts of butter, cream, or cheese, they’re an ideal choice for festive sides. Moreover, you’ll be excited to hear that a mandoline makes them easy-peasy! 

Firstly, pommes Anna. This is a deceptively simple dish that only requires three ingredients: potatoes, butter, and salt. You’ll want to use the ⅛-inch straight blade of your mandoline slicer to cut thin slivers of potato. Presentation is key for this dish, and the potatoes must be cut uniformly. Second, Potato au Gratin is guaranteed to get your taste buds tingling. This recipe is made by simmering sliced potatoes in milk, cream, and garlic before layering the potatoes in a baking dish and pouring the creamy broth over top. Again, you’ll want to slice your potatoes ⅛-inch thick with your mandoline. Extravagant? Yes. And the pièce de résistance? Rich and salty grated gruyere melted on top. 

Finally, scalloped potatoes. While potato au gratin should always contain cheese, scalloped potatoes traditionally don’t (via Southern Living). Instead, they’re topped with crispy breadcrumbs, contrasting with the gloriously tender, and creamy potatoes underneath. For this dish, we recommend a thicker-cut potato. Choose the ¼-inch straight blade of the mandoline for the best results.  

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