Most Of The World’s Green Beans Come From This Country

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Sorry Yanks, but not even close. China is a big country in many ways. Feeding 1.4 billion people requires a lot of food, and green beans are no exception. Global Trade says China produces 21 million metric tons of green beans a year, accounting for more than 75% of all the green beans in the world and more than 10 times the country in second place, Indonesia. Americans like green beans too, coming in third, but nobody comes close to China’s love for these slender, crunchy beans.

While China might make you think chili peppers or rice (and you’d also be correct), their massive lead in growing green beans should come as no surprise, as they dominate the global vegetable market, owing largely to the country’s size. According to Statista, China produces nearly 600 million metric tons of fresh vegetables, more than 20 times the U.S. Maybe if we had more nationally enjoyed dishes (besides holiday casserole) like China’s Sichuan green bean, aka gan bian si ji dou, we could bridge that gap a little (via Serious Eats).

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