Most Of The World’s Black Pepper Comes From This Country

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Black pepper, also referred to as hu jiao, kali mirch, pimienta, fulful, poivre, pepe, and pfeffer, is well beloved around the world for the subtle kick it brings to our food. The plant grows in a colorful variety, appearing in black, white, green, or red (via McCormick Science Institute). It has been an essential part of our dinner plates for centuries, bringing us a spiciness thanks to the piperine trapped in the little fruits, and today World Atlas tells us that Vietnam is to thank for fueling our pepper-related needs. The country of Vietnam produces about 34% of our total global production. The runner-ups for the title of number-one pepper producer are Indonesia and then India.

K-Agriculture reports that in 2021, Vietnam exported about 260,000 tons of pepper, and exported 99,540 tons by May of 2022. A majority of Vietnam’s production is dedicated to exporting to non-peppercorn-producing countries. Like coffee plants, peppercorns can only thrive in hot, humid tropical climates, so the world relies on countries like Vietnam to feed their black pepper obsessions.

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