Martha Stewart’s Top Tip For Giving Holiday Cheese Boards A Fuller Shape

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Food & Wine says that they recently attended an event hosted by Martha Stewart and were floored by her spread of cheeses, meats, and other snacks. The lifestyle guru said one of her top tips for enhancing the presentation of any holiday cheese board is to get your cheese off the board completely. Instead, set different cheeses out on individual plates and platters, and arrange them vertically with risers and lifts. This makes your holiday spread feel more like a “buffet of cheese” than the classic board.

TLC also recommends using heightened cake stands and incorporating different textures for the plates to create a nice visual variety. You can still have a central wooden board this way if you’d like, but setting it on its own riser or surrounding it with heightened ceramic plates can add an elegant touch.

Stewart also recommends making sure that there are enough knives for every cheese that is set out to avoid mixing the flavors of a sharp feta with those of a smooth brie. Also, when assembling your cheese board, don’t forget to have crackers, dried fruit, bread, and nuts to let guests experiment with all the different combinations of flavors.

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