Lilibet’s 1st Birthday Cake Was A Throwback To Her Parent’s Wedding

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Skillfully made by the same pastry chef who baked the Sussexes’ wedding cake, the BBC reports that the mastermind behind baby Lilibet’s birthday cake is pastry chef Claire Ptak. Owner of the London-based bakery and café, Violet Cakes, Ptak is a California native who previously worked under Alice Waters as a pastry cook at Chez Panisse before opening shop in 2010.

With a textured blush-colored frosting, the two-tiered birthday cake was decorated simply. Several white and pink peonies were scattered onto the side of the cake, adding a touch of regal elegance and chic rusticism. Of course, every celebratory cake also needs a topper. Garnishing the torte was an orange-hued banner with the young royal’s name scrawled across it. As for the homage to the Sussexes, the proof is quite literally found in the pudding. “The inside was the Amalfi lemon and elderflower cake I created for the Duke and Duchess’s wedding in 2018,” Ptak shared on Instagram. She continued, “This time, we covered it with a strawberry buttercream specially for Lilibet.”

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