How To Easily Cut Herbs Without Bruising Them

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A knife certainly does the job when it comes to chopping herbs, but sometimes at the cost of bruising them. So to achieve small pieces of herbs that maintain their herby structure, just swap your knife with kitchen shears.

As Andrew Zimmern explains, all you have to do is snip the herbs with kitchen shears. In the case of chiffonading something like basil leaves, you can still achieve this with kitchen shears. Just stack them as you normally do, roll them up into a shape of a cigar, and aim for 1/8-inch snips.

Aside from kitchen shears, you could also use herb scissors, which come in several varieties. For the most part, they look like regular scissors, but with multiple blades. Herb scissors with five blades, for instance, are great for dill, chives, basil, and parsley because of their “delicate” characteristics, while single-blade herb scissors may yield a more finely chopped aesthetic, per Cuisine at Home.

So next time you’re looking to cut some herbs without bruising them, ditch the knife in favor of kitchen shears or herb scissors.

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