Ghost Kitchens Have Nothing To Do With The Undead

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CloudKitchens, founded by Uber pioneer Travis Kalanick, pulls back the veil to explain that a ghost or dark kitchen is a new business concept with plenty of delicious food and little physical presence to customers. It’s a commercial kitchen with no storefront, seating areas, or pickup counters. You wouldn’t even know it was operating unless you got a whiff of something yummy floating from an alley or nondescript building.

Ghost kitchens are meeting an expanding need for food deliveries without opening up a physical restaurant that’s open to the public, explains CNBC. The rise of these businesses has taken off, particularly during the dining upheavals of the COVID pandemic. It’s a delivery-only dining concept, which frees the business from needing a high traffic location, or dining spaces. Brands can be established entirely virtually, with human staff preparing the meals from “hidden” commercial kitchens.

A crucial element in each business’ success is its ability to cooperate with delivery platforms like Doordash, Postmates, Grubhub, and Uber Eats, explains CloudKitchen. They all work in tandem to facilitate a virtual restaurant brand with real, physical food being delivered to folks’ homes, offices, baseball games, or wherever they choose. Euromonitor expects ghost kitchens to be worth a trillion dollars in the global market by 2030 (via CNBC).

The concept is accessible to entrepreneurs at any level, from foodie daydreamers to multi-level food conglomerates investing in expanded versions of the new industry. 

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